2015 Reunion Committee

We’re at it….again.

August 27. 2019

…. Stay tuned for a major upcoming event update …

We’ve already received messages asking “when…?”
July (we think), 2020.
We know the main gathering will not be in Oconomowoc, but someplace in the vicinity.
The post 40th survey answers gave us solid feedback and ideas of what to do, and not do, again.
You liked the multi-day format and activities to gather and play. We’ll pursue that – with your help.
We will continue to post to Facebook and here as news evolves.
And that’s what we know right now….

The Rebuild Begins

April 10, 2017

We looked at different WordPress themes, different plug-ins to display the hundreds of  photos and documents in the OHS1975 archive, and came back to the tried and true.
The look is the same, but the structure of what will be found, and where, has changed.
Instead of a massive picture pile in one album, the archive is organized by when – Reunions Past, the Yearbook, OHS, School Days and who knows what else will surface.
One beef we do expect is “… who is that?  We want NAMES!”
We can’t. Put a name to a picture, and the image becomes searchable. It’s a privacy thing.
As always, if you have uncovered photos or documents or bits of trivia that you’re willing to share, scan and send, we’ll post it to the site.

Stay Tuned…

We Wuz Hacked

March 15, 2017

Everything…. Gone ….. Poof !!
The Yearbook, all the photos, the odds and ends collected over the decades…. disappeared.
Fortunately everything important was backed up in several places.
Nothing with personal information was ever posted here, so that’s safe.
With your patience and much learning and planning and uploading on this end, the OHS Class of 1975 website will be rebuilt.
Stay Tuned